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Teen Builders Club

Meet with other Ada County teens to learn leadership skills, provide community service, and participate in other fun activities!

4-H members in 8th grade on up meet at the Ada County Extension Office once a month for great activities. Teens do everything from make pizzas, go snowboarding, get lost in corn mazes, and make hats.

To join call 287-5900 for the next meeting date and time.

Camp Counselors

Camp Counselors are a very important part of our camping staff. Camp Counselors help create lasting memories for the youth who attend 4-H Adventure Camp! To be a part of our camping staff you must:

Have completed 9th grade through 12th grade by this summerHave an interest in working with youth campers Complete the registration application and interview with the Camp Director
4-H Adventure Camp is held every summer on Cascade Lake near Donnelly. This overnight camp has two Kid's Camp geared towards youth completing grades 3rd through 5th and a Teen Camp for youth completing grades 6th through 8th

Camp Counselors must attend planning meetings and trainings in the spring and attend Camp Retreat in June. First year counselors will also attend a Basics Training.

Applications will be ready around mid December. If you have questions about becoming a Camp Counselor please call 287-5900.  Regular camper registrations will be available in a couple of months - be sure to check back for more…

Outdoor Adventure Projects

Living in Idaho makes the following projects fun and easy! Outdoor Adventures can help you learn about our environment.

Hiking - Learn how to dress for the weather, pack what you'll need and explore Camping - Learn how to set up camp, what to take with you and set out for the nightBackpacking - Learn how to pack the right supplies, care for injured hiker, and take care of the landSportfishing - Learn how to identify fish, tie knots, rig lines and more. Fish lakes, rivers, and mountain streams. These projects teach outdoor skills and an appreciation of the recreational activities available in Idaho.

National 4-H Conference

National 4-H Conference allows 15 to 18 year olds the chance to have a say in the future of 4-H. Your opinions are important!

Over 300 delegates from across the country will meet in Washington, DC to help shape the future of 4-H. Meet with people from federal agencies and National 4-H.

Applications are due Thursday, December 1st. For more information go to the Idaho 4-H website

March 24 to March 29, 2012Washington, DCApplication deadline December 1, 2011

4-H Project Spotlight - Art

The new 4-H year has begun and now is a good time to choose your projects for the 2011-2012 4-H year. We will spotlight different projects to help you with your decisions! Call the Extension Office to learn more about these projects, to find out what clubs are offering these projects, or learn how you can help with these projects. We can always use help from parents and leaders.

Art is more than just drawing pictures.

Palette of Fun - Explores different aspects of art media. Using the elements and principles of design, members will create art using painting, drawing, fiber, 3-D construction and more.Scrapbooking and Cards - Learn how to make scrapbooks, cards, invitations, and projects using basic methods used in scrapbooking.Skechbook Crossroads - This project concentrates on three areas - drawing, fiber arts, and sculpting. Learn how to incorporate these skills in art work.Portfolio Pathways - Learn about painting, printing, and graphic design. Learn new ways to combine activities f…

Citizenship, Washington Focus

Citizenship, Washington Focus is a national event for teen 4-H members ages 15 to 19.

This unique programs allows teens to see how their individual actions can make a difference in our world! Highlights of this trip include:
educational workshops                                             seminarsmeeting with members of congress                            tour national historic sitesdiscuss current issues government operations
This trip will be Sunday, July 1 to Saturday, July 7, 2012. Interest applications are due Tuesday, November 15th. Scholarships are available to attend this event and other events offered! To learn more or fill out the interest application go to the State 4-H website.