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Holiday Closures!

We want to wish a happy holiday season to everyone! 2011 is almost over and next month there will be a lot of new events and information to share with everyone.

Look for more information in January on the following events:
Ice Fishing (January 14)Super Saturday (January 28) Beekeeping Essay (February 1)Cavy & Rabbit Clinic (February 11)College Scholarships
So for now, have a great holiday, enjoy the season and look for us soon. The Ada County Extension Office will close Friday, December 23 at noon and re-open Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

Teen Mania!

If you're in 6th grade through 12th grade this event is for you! Attend workshops, have lunch, meet new friends.

Here's some of the workshops that will be presented:
science and chemistryline dancingduct tape walletsetiquettepublic speakingwoodworking So, mark this date and join in the fun! Saturday, January 21, United Methodist Church, Caldwell. The cost is $10 and this includes lunch. The registration deadline is Friday, January 13. Call 459-6003 for more information. You don't have to be in 4-H to attend, so bring all of your friends.

You are also encouraged to bring a donation of canned goods for the Idaho Food Bank.

Wanna Take an Animal Project - But don't have room?

Not all animal projects require lots of room. Check out these projects you can take with just a small area:

Pocket Pets:
This project covers everything from mice and hermit crabs to fish and birds and everything in between. Learn how to care for your snakes, turtles, ferrets, and hamsters.

Learn all about rabbits from care, feeding, breeding, and showing.

You can also learn about these pets. Learn about caring for your cavies, including the proper food, housing, and more!

Cats and Dogs:
Your cats or dogs are also great project animals. the more you learn about your pets the better equipped you are to care for them!

You can learn about any or all of these animals by taking these projects. You can also take these projects if you do not own the animals!

Visit a Foreign Country

Every year 4-H members ages 14 to 18 have the opportunity to travel to another country and stay with a family there and learn about their culture, make new friends, and go sightseeing!

This summer you can travel to Japan, Norway, or Australia. You will spend four weeks with a host family and experience everything from trying new foods to exploring a different country.

Applications are due to the State 4-H Office by January 15th. Scholarships are available to help with the cost for this trip.

Hosting Families: Teens will also be visiting and need host families for their visit. If you are interested in hosting a teen this summer you will need to have a child of the same gender and approximately the same age.

For more information on both traveling and hosting go to International Programs.

Multimedia Contest - Document Your Environment

In the 1970's the Environmental Protection Agency hired photographers to document environmental issues and challenges across the country.

Now there is a contest to document your environment! Youth ages 13 and up are encouraged to use one of the original photos for inspiration to create your own Documerica records. There are 3 categories and 3 ages groups (13-15, 16-18, 18 and up students)


Graphic Art: Use any type of graphic art including scans of painting, photos, cartoons, etc.

Video: Create a video less than 2 minutes in length for your environment.

Poetry: Any form of poetry is accepted, but there is a 300 word limit.

Go to Documerica for the original photographs and contest information.

Teen T.A.L.K. Retreat

Come and learn about event planning, setting and reaching goals, personality dynamics and more. this two year event offers one session this year and the final session the next year.

Teen T.A.L.K. is open to youth ages 13 to 18 and limited to the first 48 youth who apply. The early bird deadline is Saturday, February 25 and the registration fee is $40.00.

The current session will be offering:
Event planningsetting and reaching goalscompleting job applicationsresumes and interviewsphotographyTeen T.A.L.K Registration Form
Next year will be concentrating on:
posterspresspersonality dynamicsphotography

Projects: Photography

The Photography project can be used with digital cameras, disposal cameras, or any other kind of camera you want to experiment with.

Learn to take great pictures by using these techniques:
focus and lightingphoto compositionsequencing photosflash techniquesusing different view pointsusing lenses and filters Build you skills in using color, capturing depth, and telling a story!

Help a 4-H Family for Christmas

As many of you may already know, one of our 4-H members was in a serious accident in April. Jessicca is still in the hospital in Portland and will be for at least 6 more months.

This is hard on their family and so Chicasaw Choctaw 4-H Club is asking other Ada County 4-H clubs to help by adopting one person from this family and provide a gift card or two for that person. We know the other children aren't expecting much if anything at all. With your help we can make a difficult holiday season a little better.

To learn more about how your club can help this family please email or call 287-5900.