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Know Your Government Conference (KYG)

The annual Know Your Government Conference is held every year on President's Day Weekend (February 15-17, 2014) in Boise.

This event is open to 4-H members in 8th and 9th grade. Delegates can choose between two workshop options for the conference. The Legislative Workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn how a bill becomes a law including debating bills and lobbying for or against bills.

The Judicial Workshop concentrates on how the Idaho Court System works. There will be a mock trial with participants in the various roles.

The cost for KYG is $110 per person. Applications are due to the Ada County Extension Office on Friday, December 13. Scholarships are available through the Ada County Endowment Board.

Follow this link for applications and more information or call 287-5900.

Western Heritage Clinics

The Ada County Western Heritage Clinics are designed for youth to learn more about ranching, roping, working cattle, trail riding, branding, and more!

These clinics are open to any registered 4-H member. If you would like to attend the clinic and are not enrolled in a 4-H club, please contact our office at 287-5900 or email dhobbs@uidaho and we will find a 4-H club for you!  Our 4-H horse program is open to all youth ages 8 and up (age is considered the age of the youth on January 1, 2014)

The next clinic will be Saturday, November 16, 9 am at Jeff and Jane Spencer Training (10059 Highway 16, Eagle) This clinic will focus on desensitizing, roping, and cow work! 

All participants are required to wear a helmet, long sleeved western shirt, jeans and boots. Bring a rope if you have one and leather gloves. Breast collars and back cinches are necessary to participate in your qualified events.

RSVP to Lianna by text or phone at 908-2043. Email