Artists Wanted!

Are you an artist or just looking to learn more about various art projects? We have day camps for all ages using different techniques and themes!

Monday, June 13 and Wednesday, June 15
9:00 am to noon
Ages 10 - 14
This two day camp will teach you different fun and easy techniques! Learn about things like tole painting and other methods to make your art work special! You will make and take home different projects to share with friends and family.
Cost: $16.00

Dinosaur Art
Monday, June 20 and Monday, June 27
9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Ages 8 - 13
This amazing two day camp will let you create your masterpieces using plaster, paint, and drawing. These new techniques can be used for more than just dinosaur eggs! Expand your knowledge of art projects at this camp.
Cost: $18.00

Small Treasures
Thursday, July 16
9:00 am to noon
Ages 5 - 10
If painting is not your thing come to this camp where you will learn other craft techniques and put them together to make your own small treasures! Learn about sewing, cross stitch, and other methods to create one of a kind items.
Cost: $13.00

We can't wait to see you at camp! Let us see what you can do. All of these camps will be held at the Ada County Extension Office. Call 287-5900 for more information!


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