It's Almost Time for Teen Conference

It's almost time for teens all across the state to converge on the University of Idaho campus in Moscow! This annual event starts Monday, June 13th.

It's too late to sign up for it this year so if you're interested be sure to sign up early next year!

If you're wondering why everyone wants to go to this event, let us tell you about it:

  • See the campus and experience the university setting
  • Meet new people and make new friends for life!
  • Attend dances or enjoy movies with your friends
  • District Competitions
  • Variety Show
  • Clover Banquet
  • And the Track Workshops!
So what do they do at the track workshops? Learn about yourself and others, self defense, theater, cooking, livestock, finance, fashion and more! The fun never stops in the fast paced week.

All teens in 8th through 12th grades are invited and bus transportation is provided for an additional cost. So, if we missed you this year - catch us next year.

If you're already going to Teen Conference the bus is picking up in Meridian at  Jackson's (Shell station) 1585 S Meridian Rd (exit 44) at 5:45 am and leaving no later than 6:00 am.

If you have attended in the past or this is your first year, we want to know about it. Let us know how much fun you had, how much you learned, new friends, etc. Share your experience with someone that hasn't gone! So comment on this blog, tell us on Facebook, write an article for the newsletter, we really want to hear from you!


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