State Livestock Skill-a-Thon Contest

Check out this new state contest! This contest is for anyone interested in livestock production. Guidelines are still being put together for this contest and should be available by Friday, July 1st. Guidelines will be emailed to people already on the email list, but the guidelines will also be posted here!

The Skill-a-Thon will be held at the Jerome County Fairgrounds on Saturday, September 19th.

So, what is the skill-a-thon and what are the objectives?
  • To provide youth with the opportunity to blend knowledge and skills acquired in livestock judging, demonstrations, care, and exhibition of animals into one activity.
  • To provide youth who have no opportunity for livestock ownership to learn about the importance of livestock and their products to the environment.
  • To encourage youth to continue expanding their knowledge and participation.
  • To recognize youth for their total involvement in and comprehension in the livestock industry.
  • To instill ethical values, good sportsmanship and product evaluation skills.
Look for more information here!


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