Ada County Oral Presentations

It really is that time of year again. Join us July 19, 20, and 21 at the Ada County Extension Office. Call 287-5900 to schedule your appointment no later than Friday, July 15.

If you have never participated in the Oral Presentations this is a great time to share your knowledge with others. There five (5) categories that you may participate in.

1) Demonstrations: A demonstration is showing how. It is making or doing something. There may even be an end product! It is also explaining and doing.

2) Illustrated Talk: An illustrated talk is talking, telling how, and you may also show pictures, charts, model equipment, and other visual aids.

3) Speech: A speech uses only the spoken word and gestures while presenting a topic. A speech does not include visual aids.

4) Dramatic Reading: Words and actions used to present material to either entertain or educate. May use your own material or another authors published material. Costumes, make-up, or props are required.

5) TV Commercials: Use a presentation to convince the audience to buy an idea or product. May use illustrations or objects (as long as name brands are covered) Include a introduction, body, and summary.

All 4-H'ers are welcome to schedule an Oral Presentation. Please call if you have any questions!


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