Activities for Teens

Are you looking for activities where you can meet new people and have fun?
4-H has lots of events going on throughout the year.

We'll post a series of articles about some of the upcoming events starting with Know Your Government (KYG).

This annual event is open to youth in the 8th and 9th grades and is held in Boise on Presidents Day weekend (Saturday, February 18 to Monday, February 20) Here's some things you can do with KYG:

  • meet people from around the state
  • learn how the state government decision making process works
  • learn how teens can participate politically in influence state government
  • learn how the state judicial system works
  • learn what is involved in bringing a case before court
  • observe the legislative process in action
Participate in a mock trial or mock legislative sessions. The registration deadline will be in December and the registrations forms will be posted here when available.

Keep watching for more information on Know Your Government!


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