Oral Presentations

Over and over teachers say they can pick out students who have been in 4-H because of their ability to give effective oral presentations.  In Idaho, an oral presentation is a required component to complete every 4-H project.

New, updated resource materials are available to help youth learn to refine their presentation skills.  Speak up with Confidence: Tips on Presenting in Nine Key Areas is available on the State 4-H website (http://www.uidaho.edu/extension/4h/pages/documents), then look under Project Publications.  Youth and adult volunteers alike may use this publication to learn more about how to become a confident, polished public speaker.  Each of the nine tip sheets in this publication can be used as a stand-alone document to practice and learn more about some element of a presentation.  Here’s a preview -

Tips on Presenting #1 – Putting Parts of a Presentation Together describes three basic parts of any presentation, components of each part, and how the presentation can flow from one part to the next.  This document also suggests how to choose appropriate visual aids.

Tips on Presenting #2 – Planning and Organizing a Presentation describes factors to consider when beginning to plan a presentation including identifying your audience, topic, and level of detail.  It helps you consider what type of presentation is most appropriate and discusses time management.

Tips on Presenting #3 – Types of Presentations describes six types of presentations and how to choose a type that best fits your audience and topic.  It helps you consider the most effective ways to get your message across.

Tips on Presenting #4 – Using Multimedia describes the effective design and use of multimedia in presentations and what to do if some part of the plan fails.

Tips on Presenting #5 – Mechanics of Presenting focuses on how individuals present themselves including use of body language, dress, voice inflection, eye contact, personal poise, and use of notes.

Tips on Presenting #6 – Getting Your Message Across with Posters describes factors to consider when using and creating posters for a presentation.  Learn to determine if using a poster is appropriate and, if so, how to create a poster that is effective, can be seen by the entire audience, and is attractive.

Tips on Presenting #7 – Creative Hooks describes how speakers can capture and hold the audience’s attention throughout their presentation by using a variety of verbal and non-verbal techniques.

Tips on Presenting #8 – Food Demonstrations describes special techniques and tools specific to presentations requiring food preparation.

Tips on Presenting #9 – Using Live Animals in Presentations describes safety concerns and special accommodations to consider when using animals in a presentation.

One of the most common fears among adults is speaking in public.  Youth and adults who learn to effectively speak in public become confident in their ability to speak in front of a group and thus gain an important leadership tool.  I encourage you to take a look at these tips sheets to help youth in your club become more confident!

Nancy Shelstad
4-H Extension Educator


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