Spring Break Day Camps

Are you looking for something to do during spring break? It's time for the 2014 Ada County 4-H Spring Break Day Camps.

We're offering camps on a variety of subjects for different age groups. You can sign up for the camps online at Camp Registration.

WeDo Robotics - March 24,  Ages 6-9, Cost: $13
Learn how to make and program a simple robot and create a story with your robot.

NXT Robotics - March 25, Ages 9-14, Cost: $13
Build a program a Mindstorm robot

River Scavenger Hunt, March 26, Ages 9-14, Cost: $13
Explore the Boise Watershed and go on a scavenger hunt. Filled with outdoor adventure!

Decorate Your Duds, March 27, Ages 7-14, Cost: $13
Add new life to your clothes, personalize them, and decorate them.

Eco-Bot Challenge, March 28, Ages 9-14, Cost: $13
Join an engineering team and program a robot to meet the challenge.


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