Oral Presentations

4-H members can participate in the Ada County Oral Presentation contest held July 14, 15, and 16 at the Ada County Extension Office. This event is open to all 4-H members. Presentations can be given in following categories and blue ribbon winners can participate in the District II Oral Presentation contest held during the Western Idaho Fair.

A Demonstration is showing or demonstrating how to do something or make something.

Illustrated Talk:
An illustrated talk involves explaining something while using pictures, charts, or other visual aids.

A speech uses only words and gestures to present a topic. No visual aids can be used except note cards.

Dramatic Reading:
A dramatic reading includes words and actions to present material to educate or entertain. Presenter may use their own material or previously published material.

TV Commercial:
This is a presentation to convince the audience to buy an idea or product. Illustrations or products can be used if brand names are covered.

Times allowed for each presentation depends on the age division. For more information on rules please see the 4-H Exhibitors Handbook. To schedule an appointment call 287-5900 before July 11. There is even a $10 cash award for demonstrations that promote sheep products. This award is given by the Idaho Wool Growers Association.


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